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Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM) is an international not-for-profit movement that utilizes modern design and digital manufacturing to address neglected needs.

Tikkun Olam is Hebrew for “repairing the world,” and that is our focus in TOM. Our goal is to design and create empowering solutions for challenges faced by individuals living with disabilities and limitations.

One billion people, or 15 percent of the world’s population, experience some form of disability*.

Technology development that addresses the needs of these people are often neglected due to market demographics. Some particular challenges may be faced by only a handful of people in the world – but that does not invalidate the need for these solutions.

*World Bank 2017

The 3rd annual community-driven innovation event for assistive technology.

15 Challenges. 75 Innovators. 72 Hours.

Engineers, designers, and people living with disabilities will have just completed 72 hours of intense prototyping on an assistive technology challenge. Come celebrate the city’s spirit of innovation at TOM:Calgary 2017 Demo Day, showcasing the result of their efforts tackling 15 everyday challenges posed by disability. Meet the people and teams behind these creative solutions, as they tell the stories of their designs.

All TOM:Alberta initiatives bring together “makers” and “need-knowers” to address neglected challenges with affordable technology solutions.


People living with disability or someone close (like a family member, caregiver, or friend) who has intimate knowledge of the everyday challenge(s) posed. This knowledge is critical in designing a functional and personalized solution. Need-knowers become part of the team; they are not a customer.


People who make things. Designers, engineers, industry professionals, artists, bio-hackers, and tinkerers. Makers like to DIY, work with textiles, make robots, do metal/woodworking, and much more. Makers don’t need any particular background or education, just curiosity and a hands-on mindset.

TOM:Alberta Initiatives

72-Hour Makeathons

This annual event is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a blitz of innovation. Teams of makers and need-knowers are housed in a fully equipped manufacturing facility for a 72-hour marathon of making.

UCAN: Campus Ability Network

Brought to you by the Calgary Student Chapter of TOM, this program consists of 3-month long “work terms” where the teams meet for 3 hours a week to create a solution with their need-knower.







Dev Hours


Past Projects

Created at TOM, available world-wide

Contact TOM

Feel free to contact us and help build a better world!



For specific inquiries please feel free to reach out to our organizing team directly.


Kathryn Simone

Creativity Captain

Kathryn is the current President of TOM:AB. Contact Kathryn for any inquiries not covered above!



Richard Lushai

Alliance Ambassador

Richard is the founder of TOM:AB and was the first to bring TOM events to Canadian soil. Contact Richard for inquiries regarding partnerships and collaborations!



Gilary Guzman

Challenge Discoverer

Contact Gilary if you are a need-knower (someone with a disability or a caregiver) or know someone who is!



Courtney MacDonald

Skill Seeker

Contact Courtney if you are a maker (designer, engineer, artist, etc.) or know someone who is!



Colin France

Assembly Conqueror

Contact Colin for event details on TOM:AB Makeathon 2017!



Danielle Fung

Storytelling Sage

Contact Danielle if you are interested in receiving press releases, arranging event tours, or in any way want to help us tell our story!



Brian Cechmanek

Innovation Adventurer

Contact Brian if you are interested in sponsoring TOM:AB Makeathon 2017!


Help one, Help many

Solving real-life challenges with affordable technologies

Open Source Solutions

Global database collects solutions to all challenges to help others internationally

Full Inclusion

The Need-Knower is a part of the team, not a client

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