A relentlessly innovative applied research community.

To build antidisciplinary, vigorous communities that make meaningful change through technology.

How we work
We connect with the right people
The challenges of the 21st century require solutions to complex problems that impact lives at massive scales. This is done by synthesizing different skills and perspectives through communities that grow exponentially and that are able to respond quickly with solutions to emerging problems. At Kadima, our communities engage directly with end users to develop technology solutions. Kadima brings together both like-minded individuals and radical outliers to build antidisciplinary research groups that examine and act on their common passions with rigor.

We start with why
Researchers at Kadima Dynamics make a meaningful impact by connecting challenges with innovators. Because of their antidisciplinary and plurastic nature, our research groups are positioned to both identify real challenges and develop technology solutions. We apply human-centered design principles to seek out, identify, and involve end-users from the beginning of technology development so that we solve the right problems.

We push technological boundaries
Borrowed from the Hebrew word meaning ‘forward’, Kadima empowers young innovators to push the boundaries of what possible experiences, interactions, and efficiencies are possible with technology. Our researchers are not waiting for anyone to fix the problems we face today. They are leveraging skills, resources, and connections that shape the future right now.

We continually challenge the status quo
The world is changing at an unprecedented rate, and this trend will likely only accelerate. To keep up, we can never be complacent. Kadima Dynamics is challenging existing power structures with agile networks, and is committed to perpetual evolution through self-disruption. Our ideas and products face the scrutiny of our critics, end users, and the real world on a regular basis; and come out better as a result.

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